Branded Stickers for Mobile Messaging

Based on your marketing campaign or product strategy, our Sticker experts will help plan, illustrate, develop and launch your own branded Sticker app for iOS or Android.

1. Plan & Create

Starting with 12, 24, 48 or more Sticker ideas, we’ll plan & illustrate your custom pack to best suit the scope and goals of your campaign.

2. Animate

Elevate the appeal of your Sticker pack by opting for animated illustrations, giving users a more fun and interactive experience.

3. Develop & Publish

We will develop & launch your exclusively branded Sticker app for iOS and Android, making it available for purchase in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

4. Promote

We can create promotional images & videos for you to post across social media, advertising the release of your Sticker pack to your followers.

5. Update

Got an upcoming event or seasonal promotion? Update your Sticker app regularly with new content to create ongoing user engagement.

6. Track

Monitor the performance of your Sticker app with regular updates of usage metrics including worldwide downloads, impressions, and sales.

Let’s Collaborate!

We want to work with you to develop the next trending Sticker pack. Send us an email to learn how it works.