How to Use Stickers in iMessage

Select an option below for step-by-step instructions on how to search for, install, activate and use Stickers in iMessage for iOS 11. If you are still using iOS 10, please update your operating system first to begin using the latest user interface.

Accessing the App Store in iMessage

  • 1. Open Messages, tap to draft a new Message, or open an existing conversation. Tap to open the app drawer.

  • 2. Tap the Store icon to open the App Store drawer.

  • 3. Tap the up arrow or the “Visit Store” button to open the App Store.

Downloading iMessage Sticker Apps

  • 1.  Open the app drawer toolbar and tap the Store icon to open the App Store. Tap the search icon to open the Search tool. Type “EveryStudio” to browse our selection of Sticker packs.

  • 2.  Tap the “Get” button next to the desired app, then tap “Install”. Complete your purchase by entering your Apple ID information.

  • 3.  The app should now appear in your app drawer. If the app icon is not visible, you must manually activate your app purchases. Please follow along with the steps in the next section.

Activating Downloaded Sticker Packs

  • 1.  If your downloaded apps are not automatically appearing in your app drawer, you must manually activate them. Open the app drawer toolbar . Swipe right to the end of the toolbar, and tap the “More” icon to open the manage tab.

  • 2.  Tap “Edit” to manage your apps. Toggle the switch on beside your desired apps to activate them. Your activated apps will now appear in your app drawer.

  • 3.  Tap the green add icon to add an app to your favourites. Sort your favourite apps by tapping and dragging them into the desired order. Tap the red remove icon to remove it from your favourites. Swipe left on an app to Delete.

Using Stickers in iMessage

  • 1.  With the app drawer open, tap the app icon of the Sticker pack you would like to use. Scroll through the Stickers available in the pack. Tap the up arrow to expand to full screen.

  • 2.  Stickers can be peeled and placed directly on top of message bubbles, images and other Stickers within the conversation. Tap and hold the desired Sticker, and drag into the conversation window. Release your finger to place.

  • 3.  Stickers can also be sent at full size by tapping once on the Sticker inside the drawer. This will draft the image as a message. Tap to send.