Digital Stickers are a fun new way to add humour and personality to mobile communication. Our experts will help you launch a Sticker app to best represent your brand and appeal to your target audience.

Illustrative Stickers

Got an idea for a Sticker pack you want to release? Our talented creative team will design a set of Stickers based on any theme.

Personalized Stickers

Perfect for celebrities & influencers, we will develop a Sticker pack capturing your facial expressions and unique persona.

Branded Stickers

Looking to launch a branded Sticker app? We will work with your existing logos & assets to develop Stickers reflecting your brand.


Spark Conversation

Stickers offer a new way to add humour and personality to mobile communication. Unlike emoji, Stickers are larger, more visually detailed and capable of being animated, opening up new possibilities to delight and engage users.


Engage Consumers

In an age where people are jaded by traditional advertising efforts, consumers now value brand messaging that is more authentic and interactive. With Stickers, brands can appeal to their target audience with content that is fun, quirky and memorable.


Build Brand Awareness

82% of consumers value recommendations from friends & family over all forms of advertising (Nielsen). By giving brands a visual presence in the personal conversations of their followers, Stickers are an ideal word-of-mouth vehicle for reaching potential new customers.

Premade Stickers

Liven up your conversations with Stickers! Shop our pre-made Sticker packs, available free or for purchase on the iMessage App Store.

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